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April 25, 2019
The First Fashion Week for the Christian Community
April 25, 2019
Treasured 2012 -A Weekend Event for Girls
April 25, 2019
About Us

Experience the True "Rock" of the Runway, Main Stage...
and Salvation!

Rock The Runway is an exhilarating event that will glorify Jesus and inspire the world to get to know Him through fashion, music and art.  Taking place in Spring 2011, it will feature sophisticated and chic fashions that uphold a woman's virtue, inspirational music that will move your soul, creative art that will motivate you to explore your talents and an opportunity to experience the true "Rock" of the runway….main stage and….salvation - Jesus Christ.

Brought to you by Model4Jesus, a Christian fashion show ministry, whose goal is to Teach, Demonstrate, Empower and Encourage women to be true role models, and to support organizations that do the same. It reaches out to today's generation and encourages them to show off their best assets to the world, the image and character of Jesus Christ and His calling on their lives.

By helping women identify with all the challenges they face in today's world and letting them know that their voices are heard, Model4Jesus hopes to help in transforming their dreams into reality. Coping in today's world where there is pressure to conform can be stressful for women; "Rock The Runway" will provide an outlet to help women realize there are choices and that their dreams are attainable.

Our once a year fundraising fashion show Rock The Runway allows us to continue helping other organizations to raise funds by providing "free" fundraising fashion shows. There is a major need for events like these in the Tampa Bay Area, they help the young women in our communities to be reached by opportunities that will inspire them, and empower them. These young girls are the women of the future and they need to feel their worth. We want to thank the sponsors, artists, businesses and organizations that have already partnered with us in this journey and we hope that you will consider helping us as well.

Help Us Spread the Word

The internet allows us to get the word out to a large audience. We are asking anyone with a MySpace page, a website, or mass e-mail newsletter to include the small button at the bottom of this page. You will see some HTML code that you can use to cut and paste the button onto your website. Doing this will bring people back to this page and help educate them about the options. It also provides support for those who feel alone about their convictions and need the strength that only comes from iron sharpening iron.
You Don't Have To Get Naked To Be A Model
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